Insurance & Fees

Please, please insure your pet.

Insurance and Fees

Unfortunately, there is no NHS for your much loved companion.

The standard of veterinary care is continually improving. Given the opportunity, we can do amazing things to help our patients. To allow us to provide a highly trained team, and the best facilities and equipment, we need to charge you a fee.

Please, insure your pet with a reputable insurance firm, and try to ensure you have at least £10,000 cover per annum. Cover for life policies can be useful if your pet is unfortunate enough to acquire a life-long condition.

All bills MUST be settled at the point of treatment. Direct claims are sometimes possible, depending on which insurance company covers your family friend. If a direct claim is authorised, the policy excess MUST be paid on discharge and a completed claims form handed to the team. If you cannot afford to pay, please notify us before any treatment or surgery commences.

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Emergencies outside of normal surgery hours:
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197 Station Road,
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Appointments and advice:
01332 959480

Emergencies outside of normal surgery hours:
01332 362400


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