Canine Veterinary Service Derby

Whatever your fur baby needs, we can help.

Canine Veterinary Service

Puppy pack. Puppy advice. Health checks. Breeder support. Ultrasound. Caesarean. Annual boosters. Kennel Cough vaccine. Flea, tick, worm control. Castration. Spaying. Non-surgical castration.

Skin work up. Itchiness. Baldness. Lameness. Stiffness. Pedicures. Sore ears. Smelly ears. Smelly bottoms. Coughs. Runny noses. Dry noses. Lumps and bumps. Surgical oncology. Medical oncology. BOAS (nose job). Facelift. TECA.

Sickness. Runny poo. Too fat. Too thin. Addison’s. Pancreatitis. Elderly care. Emergency and critical care. Vestibulitis. Diabetes. Heart disease. Blood glucose. Cushing’s. Weeing too much. Drinking too much. Not weeing enough. Epilepsy.

Dental procedures. Smelly breath. Wobbly teeth. Sore mouth.

Orthopaedics. Bad back. Bad legs. X-rays. MMP. Lateral suture. Tail not wagging. Just not right.

Whatever your fur baby needs, we can help.

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