Feline Veterinary Service

Whatever your feline friend needs, we can help.

Feline Veterinary Service Derby

Helping to ensure your little lions make the most of their nine lives.

Kitten packs. Annual Boosters. Spay. Castrate. Weight loss. Hyperthyroidism. Thyroidectomy. Blood pressure. Cystitis. Weeing in odd places. Diabetes.

Geriatric care. Yowling at night. Kidney care. General sickness. Emergency and critical care.

Blocked cats. Lame cats. Vomiting cats. Matted fur. Missing fur. Flea, tick and worm control. Itchiness. Abscesses. Wound management.

Kitten advice. Breeding advice. Ultrasound.

Dental procedures. Fractures. Diarrhoea.

Whatever your feline friend needs, we can help.

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